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Dr. rer.nat. Martina Defrain

Head of 'Water Reuse'

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Martina Defrain
Clemens Neff, B.Sc. RWTH

Testing Engineer

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Clemens Neff

Innovative technologies for the re-use of lightly loaded grey- and rainwater are becoming increasingly important worldwide. Today, water re-use technologies contribute to improving the security of water supply cost-efficiently and serve as an attractive option to countries that have limited water resources or lack sufficient infrastructure. Even in water-rich areas, long-term savings and the ecotechnological optimisation can provide a significant incentive for using such technology.

Successfully marketing water re-use systems lies not only in attractiveness and profitability of the product, but also in the access to the international markets they create. The product testing and certification is a key element of international marketing and allows the manufacturers to have credible and independent proof of quality, performance and durability of their product.



The new version of the AS 1546.4:2016 got published in November 2016. The Australian Standard is different to other current greywater standards. The mean difference is the required use of real greywater and the limitation of the daily hydraulic capacity to 1000 l/d.