Dangerous substances

When construction products come in contact with water and soil, they can release substances that pose a potential risk to the environment. Currently, there are only national provisions and specifications on the release of dangerous substances. Therefore, since there are no harmonised European test methods, verification and declaration regarding the release/the content should be made, while national regulations in force at the place of use are taken into account.

The so-called dynamic surface leaching test (DSLT) can be used to specify the extent to which inorganic and/or non-volatile organic substances are released from a monolithic, plate-like or sheet-like product. Here, parts of the building product come in contact with an aqueous solution (leaching), and the release of dangerous substances is determined over a defined period.

Additional national requirements, in particular for Germany, can be found here:

» http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/cp-ds/germany_en

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