In 2002, the Testing Institute for Wastewater Technology GmbH (PIA GmbH) was founded as a test facility of the Testing and Development Institute for Wastewater Technology at RWTH Aachen University e.V. (PIA e.V.). Even before the small wastewater treatment standard EN 12566-3 officially came into force, PIA had already started testing plants according to this standard for the German market. Over the years, it has continuously improved the quality of its testing and expertise of its staff.

You can profit from this permanent evolution. Now, PIA GmbH has an ever-growing global network at its disposal. This has given us a leading edge in terms of understanding and verifying according to national and international requirements in the wastewater sector. In addition, PIA GmbH is actively represented in numerous technical boards and standardisation committees. Moreover, we put another testing hall into operation in 2016. The new and enhanced infrastructure now allows us, among others, to run tests in the fields of water re-use , separator technology and stormwater treatment.

You can find more informations about PIA e.V. on www.pia.rwth-aachen.de.