You want to open up new markets with small wastewater treatment plants, or launch a new model on the market? If so, you have found the right partner in PIA.

You can count on us to answer all the necessary questions about market requirements and the certification of your products. Indeed, you can launch conventional or innovative projects most successfully with a competent partner. We will support you with our unique know-how whenever your product has to comply with the water legislation requirements in different countries or regions. Since we actively participate in numerous national and international boards as well as on technical and standardisation committees, we are always up to date: something your company can benefit from. Take advantage of our competence, motivation and determination to achieve your goals.

"Sustainable Certification" is more than just a slogan. It describes the two decisive core elements for you: first, certifications and test reports should be used as long as possible and, second, they represent not only the legal basis for your sales, but are also welcome evidence of how well your product performs.

The tests, followed by declaration of performance, are the key to success. We would be pleased to consult you on these matters. Let us work together efficiently as partners. Take the time and give us a call.

CE tests according to EN 12566

The basis for a successful market entry in Europe is the CE marking of your product. For this purpose, the series of standards – EN 12566 – is used. Five of the seven standards have been harmonised and, with our support, you can receive a declaration of performance according to one of these standards and place it on your product. With it, small wastewater treatment plants can be traded legally throughout Europe.

12566 complete


The standard EN 12566 is divided into several parts, each of which defines the basis for the respective tests:

NSF International tests

Dr. rer. nat. Martina Defrain

Head of International Testing / Water (Re)use
  +49 241 75082-29

Tests according to NSF/ANSI standards are recommended if you would like to enter the American and Asian markets with relative ease.

Currently, the only place in Europe where tests according to NSF/ANSI Standards 40, 245 and 350 can be carried out is on PIA's test field in Aachen. For over ten years, PIA has maintained successful cooperation with NSF.

ParameterNSF 40NSF 245NSF 350
E. coli    

Australian tests

Dr. rer. nat. Martina Defrain

Head of International Testing / Water (Re)use
  +49 241 75082-29

AS 1546.3:2017
On-site domestic wastewater treatment
Units Part 3: Secondary treatment systems

The new AS 1546.3:2017 sets out requirements for the design, commissioning, performance and conformity testing of secondary treatment systems (STS) and advanced secondary treatment systems designed to treat domestic wastewater. The design hydraulic treatment capacities that may be tested in accordance with this Standard range from a minimum of 1200 L/d to a maximum of 5000 L/d. Guidance on installation, operation and maintenance is also provided.

Material tests

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Verschitz

Head of Material Testing
  +49 241 75082-29

The materials listed in the standard for tanks of small wastewater treatment plants are varied as the possible treatment processes themselves. The materials allowed range from classic reinforced concrete, via fibre-reinforced plastics through to stainless steel.

All materials, or containers and tanks manufactured from them, have to prove their suitability in terms of their intended use. In addition to tests for structural behaviour and water tightness, there are also the proof of reaction to fire, durability and a leaching test to verify if any dangerous substances are present.

PIA GmbH has partners and co-operative bodies throughout Europe and can provide the appropriate material tests and the required expertise, wherever needed.

Special tests

Thanks to close cooperation and individualised support, we are also able to offer you special tests. This way, we can confirm even more performance options of your system, even if they are not necessary for the CE marking.

The following special tests are possible:


Such a special test, however, does not replace the test procedures according to EN 12566 and cannot alone count as a valid test. Only when a small wastewater treatment plant has successfully completed all relevant tests according to EN 12566 can the system be CE-marked.

Secondary treatment plants receiving effluent from septic tanks

Wastewater treatment plants tested by a notified body to EN 12566 Part 6 – prefabricated treatment units for septic tank effluent can now be certified according to the requirements of S.R. 66.

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Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

ETV LogoManufacturers of environmental technologies interested in obtaining officially recognized proof of product quality and performance, may take part in the new EU program for the Verification of Environmental Technologies (ETV). Environmental technologies for water treatment and reuse that qualify for the ETV program are such products that are ready to market or finishing pre-commercial development, with performance claims not covered by existing regulations and standards. In accordance with ISO 14034:2016 these products may be verified by an independent accredited institution to assess selected quality and performance parameters. The ISO 14034:2016 standard was introduced to support manufacturers in introduction and marketing of environmental products, by providing them with the opportunity to acquire an official European ETV verification. Ascertaining and proving individual advantages and selected performance claims for environmental products on the basis of independent verification may thus improve investor and customer resonance as well and lead to overall marketing advantages.
The ISO 14034:2016 method describes multiple steps that lead to the issuing of an official verification statement. PIA supports companies to participate in the ETV program, including initial ETV request, composition of a detailed ETV application and the handling of the overall testing process. In its role as an accredited testing laboratory, PIA offers to conduct practical hands-on testing procedures in accordance with an EN ISO/IEC 17025 when required. After completion, the ETV program is concluded with the issuing of the official ETV verification statement.